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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Added to the Posthuman Forum

I have added Richard Jones' response "Does Transhumanism Matter?" to my essay "Futurological Discourses and Posthuman Terrains" to the permanent Amor Mundi Forum on the Existenz issue in which my essay originally appeared. Let me take this opportunity once again to encourage readers to alert me to any considered readings and critiques of any of the essays that appeared in that volume that may have been published elsewhere. It doesn't matter to me if I personally agree or disagree with a response, or even sympathize with it, I would like to link to all the sustained responses that are available online to the pieces from that Existenz volume. Of course there were many links to the issue as a whole and to individual essays from it. I am interested in sustained engagements with the arguments themselves. I am also willing to consider publishing such responses here on Amor Mundi as guest posts, should anyone want to take me up on that. Bear in mind, this is an invitation for serious sustained close readings of particular essays from that volume, not an invitation to publish online manifestos guru-wannabe resumes for your robot cult.

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