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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Quietly, Quietly

Ohio's Republican Governor John Kasich is the single potential candidate in the Republican Killer Clown Car who worries me for 2016. Walker is hilariously unimpressive whatever the gossip pundit fluffing he is getting at this moment and Rubio is brown in a racist party however the pundits try to pretend that doesn't matter and Randroid Paul is a nut like Dad (no wonder the nutty Base loves him so) even if the pundits want to call him a savvy Idea Man and Jeb has a name literally everybody hates and advocates immigration and education policies the Base running the GOP primary gauntlet hates and he comes off dumb as a stump on the stump however much the pundits declare him the gifted golden child of the satanic imbecilic Bush brood. But what if a Base-friendly union-bashing Medicare-expanding(-but-because-of-Jesus) blandly-electable key swing state governor were to appear out of nowhere to cut through the crap and give Hillary (against whom he is rarely polled in all the slick side-by-sides we've already been treated to for months though this thing is two years our) a run for her money?

Contrary to PoliticalWire's coy headline, this is NOT "flirtation":
Next week, Mr. Kasich will ratchet up his presidential guessing game with visits to the first primary state, New Hampshire, on Tuesday and to Manhattan on Wednesday to mingle at a dinner with Republican donors. In April, he will address the Detroit Economic Club, which recently hosted Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida.
Anybody who is not paying attention to Ohio is not paying attention.

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