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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Another Future Day Miracle!

Futurists tell me today is Future Day. The holiday's meaning is hard to distinguish from every commercial with the words New and Improved in it.


Dale Carrico said...

Now I realize that Net Neutrality must have been just another Future Day miracle.

Dale Carrico said...

One fine future Future Day they say Nanosanta will upload all the extreme techbros and celebrity CEOs into Holodeck Heaven as cyberangels among the sexy sexbots...

Dale Carrico said...

The Future is a white penis, they say.
Or that's what they pray on Future Day.

Dale Carrico said...

And now we have arrived at Future Day's future, but it's not Future Day anymore. Sad.

jimf said...

> The Future is a white penis, they say.
> Or that's what they pray on Future Day.

If you want a vision of the future, Winston, imagine. . .

"Frank Furedi is a professor of sociology at the
University of Kent in southern England. For many years
he was also the guru of his own tiny Trotskyist sect. . .
but by the early 90s Trotsky was out of fashion on campus
and the prospects. . . looked bleak. So Furedi decided
to take the path of many a Trotskyist before him; like
Burnham, Kristol, Hitchens and Larouche, he made an
opportunistic jump from far left to far right, and took
most of his sect with him.

His political trajectory can be determined by three vectors:
his hatred of feminism, his hatred of identity politics
and his hatred of environmentalism. . .

These days not even [Frank] Furedi confuses himself for a
leftist. He openly describes himself as a libertarian,
with the caveats that he's a "humanist" rather than a
free-marketeer, and a mystical humanist rather than a
Dawkins-style reductionist. Above all, he seeks the
return of "Enlightenment values" . . .

I've had it up to here with "Enlightenment values". When
people say "Enlightenment values", they really mean "dicks":
hard, white, straight, male dicks. If you want a picture of
"Enlightenment values", imagine a dick jizzing on a
human face forever."

-- Stephen Bond, "Pandora's Docs"

Too bad "Stephensplatz" went away. Oh well, at least the essays
are still available (for the time being) via the Wayback Machine.

Dale Carrico said...

It's awfully good to have you here in the Moot again. I was beginning to fear that your retirement had caused you to forsaken us to watch The Outer Limits and Brideshead Revisited on a continuous loop while some slim youth in a posing strap drops grapes in your mouth (which is more or less my vision of retirement, after all).