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Friday, January 30, 2015

Long Teaching Day

In the City all the livelong day. This morning I begin with discussion of Laurie Anderson on technology as the belly of the uncanny and Paul Miller/DJ Spooky on the racist montage/mix tape in which cops killing black men calls back Breton's surrealist reverie. After a break we dive into instrumental rationality via Arendt, Heidegger, and Morozov. That's nine to noon. From one to four, it's Fontenelle's weird racist pseudo-science on the ancients and moderns followed by Kant's existential freakout in History with a Cosmopolitan Purpose and WEB Du Bois stage-setting black skin white masks with Double Consciousness -- history as a problem for you versus you as a problem for history. After break, Oscar Wilde and paradox, property, and circling back to a subversive take on the ancients and moderns again. I'm sleepy, and tho' thankfully past my cold the effects linger on, eagerly awaiting incubation in the stuffed swaying BART train. Blogging today will be low to no.

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