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Friday, January 23, 2015

Long Teaching Day

Teaching term has begun again, and I have two lectures on Fridays, first my undergraduate seminar on digital democracy and anti-democracy, from roughly nine to noon, then my graduate survey of critical theory from roughly one to four. I'm lecturing on my feet the full three hours for each, without much in the way of discussion actually, so today is more or less back to back openings for what will always be a long double bill. Flanked by bus and train commutes right around rush hour it's looking like a long slog. Once upon a time I would begin my courses with a gentle overview of the syllabus and policies and an early leave-taking, but since I just have one bite of the apple each week these opening look to be leaps right into the deep end of the pool, maps of conceptual and argumentative terrain that will take up the whole time. This morning, technology and democracy as sites of contestation, and the traffic between material and immaterial in tech-talk, this afternoon, critical theory as post-philosophy, social, cultural, exegetical traditions, fact, figure, fetish, etymological fantasias, much more. So, you should expect blogging to be low to no today and maybe tomorrow if I'm still in recovery/hungover.

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