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Monday, January 19, 2015

If You Have A Brain, A Heart, Or A Conscience Fox News Is The Ultimate No Go Zone

Stop feeling vindicated, hopeful, or smug about recent Fox News apologies for their surreally idiotic and bigoted reports of "No Go Zones" in Europe. The apologies testify to their recognition that they have opened themselves up to powerful attacks and may divide Republican presidential hopefuls threading the bigoted Base needle in costly ways early on that could stick in the general election -- and by accepting their apology (or letting the matter drop now that they have made it, which amounts to the same thing) we collaborate in ensuring the damage they have done remains in force but also that they don't have to pay for it. Their bigot meme is out there now, and everybody's racist uncle will keep the zombie No Go Zones alive and eating brains from here to eternity. The only way to kill the meme is to subvert it with another meme that redirects the politics elsewhere. "Fox News is the Ultimate No Go Zone" is the meme-disruptor that occurred to me after one second's thought. Since "No Go Zones" seem to amount to ghettoized underserved communities, calling them "Now Go Help Zones" or something like that might be another approach to the rhetoric playing out here. Other proposals welcome.

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