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Monday, July 21, 2014

"The Startup Guys" -- Still Stale, Still Pale, Still Male

Writes Sam Biddle: "This is Paul Graham, who dresses like your stepdad on a trip to the beach, speaking before a class of startup guys. These are The Startup Guys. Look upon my cargo pants, ye mighty, and despair." Setting aside the urge to laugh at the terrible clothes -- which are not exactly that terribly different from the way I dress at home on weekends when I am interested in comfort over presentability -- what I find notable about this image (which is roughly replicated in every Hackathon snap) is the dearth of women and people of color. Add a century to each of these dudes and you'd have a GOP town hall. These people are not only not The Future, this stale, pale, male spectacle is not even remotely The Present.

Via Valleywag

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Dale Carrico said...

Mr. "Plus," if you're wondering where your comments are, I've given them back to you to take to the Klan where they're welcome.