Using Technology to Deepen Democracy, Using Democracy to Ensure Technology Benefits Us All

Sunday, July 06, 2014


Using the term "technology," like using the passive voice, distracts attention from or disavows responsibility for actions of human beings.

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Esebian said...

If you and Morozov say technology doesn't destroy jobs, but, by implication, greedy corporate captains do, does that mean your ideal society is a make-work society?

Dale Carrico said...

On the contrary, I am an advocate of a make-twerk society. I mean, seriously, that's a rather odd either-or to reduce to, isn't it? I would say, if I must, that my "ideal society" would be one in which the diversity of stakeholders to the present may make equitable recourse to law and human rights for the nonviolent adjudication of disputes and collective solution of shared problems, in which the public provision of basic income, education, healthcare, general welfare secure the scene of actually legible informed nonduressed consent to the terms of everyday commerce, and in which public investments and commons are accountably administered for sustainable civilization and the public good. Technology-talk is probably mostly a distraction from the substance of that question.