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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Boring Libertechbrotarians Who Took Over San Francisco Complain That San Francisco Is Boring

ValleyWag: You will recall Tom Perkins, the Bay Area Venture Capitalist billionaire who declared that protests against unprecedented wealth concentration amidst an ongoing jobs crisis are the same thing as the Nazi persecution of Jews. He has lots of complaints, it seems:
Perkins... admires... pro-business policies... pushed through [in San Francisco]. He also admires... the free-wheeling, entrepreneurial bliss of Northern California at the time he arrived, in 1957. "I was twenty-two, twenty-three," he explained. "I lived in Sausalito, which back then had a functioning whorehouse—one of the last ones in the Bay Area. It was a loose town where anything went, and I loved it. San Francisco was that way. It was artistic, outrageous. The gays had a lot to do with that." Perkins had brought his forehead to rest on his fingertips and closed his eyes, smiling. "I knew writers and artists. North Beach. The Beats. The jazz. It's still a great city, but I think it was better then."
I like how he talks about "the gays." So artistic and outrageous. Where have all the flowers gone? Moving to the East Bay, living life the broke way. Any excuse to post Google Google Apps Apps.


jimf said...

> It was artistic, outrageous. The gays had a lot to do with that.

A man and a girl = Anna Madrigal.

I don't suppose Mona and Mouse could afford the rent at
28 Barbary Lane these days.

Dale Carrico said...

"Hi, I'm Nancy Drew, and you must be the Hardy Boys."