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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Good Question


jimf said...

> Am I supposed to feel safer because corporations, not terrorists,
> are exploding fertilizer plants, drowning towns in oil
> and poisoning water?

Short Republican answer: Yes.

On the other hand, Apple's CEO was recently accused at a shareholders'
meeting of "wasting untold amounts of shareholder money to combat
so-called climate change".

What **would** Steve Jobs have thought?

Dale Carrico said...

Republican plutocrats feel safe because they believe their corporate-militarism will ensure them places in walled/domed secure enclaves insulating them against the septic pandemic warlord swamp they are making of the planet and Republican majorities feel safe because they have bought the line that environmental discourse is the "greatest hoax in the history of mankind" and therefore no danger -- this they have largely done because environmental politics have been displaced onto the culture war terrain on which the only facts that really matter are their feeling that the white racist patriarchal world on which they depend for their sense of self is existentially threatened by diversification, secularization, planetization, which conveniently allows the palpable realities of environmental catastrophe and the energies and terrors that freight it to be allegorically assimilated into the very culture politics denying its factual substance. As for Apple: don't care. Never saw the whole point of the Apple thing. Just another consumer fandom disavowing a slick sleazy skim-scam corporate con with celebrity CEOs.