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Monday, March 03, 2014


Republicans are passing obviously racist voter disenfranchisement bills and obviously sexist anti-contraceptive forced-pregnancy bills more sweeping than they thought they could get away with back when they actually had more people on their side. Republicans are blaming Presidential "weakness" for attacks on Americans and American allies by authoritarians more vociferously and reflexively than they did back when terrorized Americans actually were open to their brand of idiot belligerence before neoconservatism failed so spectacularly and American majorities turned decisely away from war-making. Much of this nonsense won't pass, and none of it will last. I know it is rather worrying to see members of one of the only two actually constituted political parties in this country indulging in this kind of suicidal homicidal genocidal crazytown every minute of every hour of every day of every year like this... but I must say all this looks to me like a party in disarray, whomping up the scary energies for one last desperate denialist bid for relevance, fighting the last war with the last scrap of energy they've got before the diversifying secularizing planetizing tide brings down the more sustainable equitable and diverse world worth living in for all (eventually including them, poor dears). If Democrats get out the vote and hold the line this time around, it's over for the killer clowns -- otherwise, the GOP is capable of doing the country damage but only at the cost of greater damage to themselves. I'm not exactly feeling inspired to blog about Republicans barking for war and freaking about bourgeois gays getting married and shopping for their kiddies. Turn the page, honey. Turn the page.


JD Tuyes said...

Funnily enough after reading these insane articles BLAMING the Crimea crisis on reduced military spending, and the good gays BLAMING gay saunas for not getting their marriages, I went immediately to your Amor Mundi, and behold! Indeed none of the pseudo-themes are with thinking about but thanks for saying it.

An email in the works--on holiday!

jimf said...

> Turn the page, honey. Turn the page.

Our “GooglePlex Action” for Radical Life Extension
Alexey Turchin
March 4, 2014

In the future, radical life extension will emerge as a
main topic of political discussion. I can easily envision
a moment a decade from now when 10 or 20 percent of
representative seats in a large country will be held
by transhumanists. . .

In 2012 we organized the International Longevity Party as the
first-ever political party with a transhumanist ideology.
We understand that life extension is a topic that can unite
radical transhumanists with the needs of ordinary people. . .

On the 26 of February 2014, me, Michael Anissimov and
Jason Xu went to Googleplex with slogans that said
“Immortality Now”, “Google, please solve death”, “Viva Calico”,
and “I demand funding for anti-aging research”. . .

Who you callin' "ordinary"?