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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pageant of Scandalous GOP Governors Sets the Table for 2014, Too, Not Just 2016

Remember when the GOP tried to distract us from their Congressional Clowns by pointing to their plucky, pragmatic Governors? Never forget that the scandal-plagued catastrophe Bob McDonnell who set the table in Virginia for the least likeable Democrat on earth Terry McCauliffe to win the governorship last year was not so very long ago the GOP's Favorite Patriarchal Prick with Presidential winds presumably at his back rather than a prison sentence looming. And now that their Great White Float Chris Christie is in the shit up to his neck, the moneyed-immoderates turned a panicky eye to Wisconsin's heavy-lidded dullard Governor Scott Walker only to realize in horror that they dragged with them a national spotlight onto a host of long festering scandals of his own, shaping up to render Walker a scumbag Laurel to Christie's scumbag Hardy. Fossil-fuel shill Pat McCrory, presiding over a state rendered a septic petrochemical stew by fossil-fuel company abuses while McCrory blew them kisses is now assuming his own place in this scoundrel pageant, just in time to remind voters that Florida's GOP governor Rick Scott twirled his baton at the head of that parade more or less from the day he assumed office. Almost every Governor's mansion that switches to Democratic occupancy tells a story of Medicare expansion and saved lives, and to the extent that these rogues provide a narrative of GOP malfeasance to parallel the narrative of Congressional Crazytown they provide an environment that looks much more like 2006 than 2010 -- however heartily smug punditocratic gossips pooh-pooh hopes for a Democratic wave that breaks the fever that has mucked Washington in regressive paralysis in the face of an ongoing unemployment crisis and the heavy weather warning us that catastrophic climate change is our Present now and not only our Future. That all of this sets the scene for another killer clown GOP Presidential primary that sets the scene in turn for an LBJ-scaled coronation for Hillary with Democratic Congressional supermajorities at her disposal is worth noting, but I am far more interested now in the more proximate possibilities that holding the Senate, gaining seats in the House, and turning Governors mansions in big states Blue can provide for the last quarter of Obama's Presidency while the silly season preoccupies the attention of the squawkers.

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jimf said...

> And now that their Great White Float Chris Christie is in
> the shit up to his neck. . .

He's brazening it out with admirable chutzplomb.

Latest in the papers is that the governor's own office has
engaged a lawyer to conduct an investigation independent
of the Federal investigators. So far, the mayors of
Fort Lee and Hoboken have refused to cooperate with the
governor's own investigation. The newspaper article I
read the other day said that the lawyer involved is treading
a very delicate line between representing the interests
of the **office** of the governor of New Jersey and
the interests of Christie personally, and that this
sort of thing could be construed as further attempts at
intimidation (of the mayors of Fort Lee and Hoboken).