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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Anarcho Derp from a Critic

A self-declared revolutionary anarchist lets me know in no uncertain terms that even though I incessantly advocate here and in my teaching for democratization and nonviolent civil disobedience in the service of sustainable equity-in-diversity what I am really doing is "the work of oppression" (because derp) and also lets everybody know that "most likely" I fancy I am "your master" and I would be fooling nobody if I were to say otherwise (also because derp). Also, the white racist stand your ground vigilantes and private arsenal gun-nuts who cry out that they hate government and hate taxes and hate all rights except gun rights and hate the black helicopter UN world state and on and on and on "can be read as… anarchists" as I do so read them, for obvious reasons, but it is "considerably more enlightening" to pretend that there is no difference between them and police officers (because derp).

While I am an uncompromising critic of police brutality, insensitivity, and corruption and decry the deeply racist stratification of policing and the justice system in the United States my criticisms, like most who share these concerns, is directed to the work of making justice more equitable and policing a matter of genuine protection and support of the communities they serve and of which they are a part. My anarchist revolutionary critic would no doubt declare such an aspiration nothing but a naïve enablement of oppression and covert expression of my desire to rule. (Because derp.)

For my views on the white-racism of American-style libertarianism do read this and for my views on white-racist gun-nut secessionism as anarchist in essence also read this and for my defense of the democratization rather than the smashing of the state as an advocate of non-violent revolution by all means read this. If you read these views and find in them evidence of naivete, oppressiveness, or fantasies of mastery I invite you to join my critic on the dance floor where you two can make pure freedom crystallize spontaneously across the world in the fullness of time by insisting over and over and over again that up is down. I believe the chant goes something like this: derp!

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