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Friday, February 14, 2014

Long Teaching Day Today

This morning in the City, in my undergraduate course Planetary Thinking and Environmental Justice we are taking up Deep Ecology, Naess and Sessions, of course, but also McKibben's Deep Economy elaboration, Schumacher's Small Is Beautiful anticipation, and Bookchin's criticism. Later in the afternoon, in my graduate Critical Theory lecture, I'm giving a whirlwind tour of Marx, materialism (from God is Dead to sociality to the camera obscura), re/production (organismic metabolism from day to day, species-being from generation to generation, worldly traces from the surplus in historical epochs), scientificity (Marx as the "Darwin of History"), and alienation, first as a general matter and thence to the commodity form and fetishism, Capital and Zombie movies. It's a long day, Friday, six hours spent blathering on and on, with a slow-going crowded commute at either end, and so, as usual on such days, expect blogging to be low to no.

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