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Friday, November 15, 2013

"Obama's Katrina"

Apparently the Affordable Care Act is being narrated as "Obama's Katrina" by many pundits now... because flabbergasting Bush Administration incompetence arising from indifference collaborated in the deaths of so many precarious American citizens and, somehow very similarly, serious problems with the website in the first weeks of the rollout have kept so many precarious American citizens from realizing how the ACA saves their lives? Not to put too fine a point on it, but GOP ACA sabotage is THEIR Katrina, their LATEST Katrina, the latest of endlessly many episodes of death-dealing Republican incompetence, ignorance, and bigotry. Look, the egregious abuses of private insurance profiteers made the ACA necessary, remember? And now the deceptions perpetuated by private insurance profiteers in their misleading "cancellation" letters over junk policies are being made into evidence of Obama's dishonesty and of his administration's "beating up on" insurance companies? This is too stupid to discuss. We are all made more stupid even entertaining these convolutions even for a second. The black hole of paralysis created by monotonous, monolithic Republican obstructionism is getting filled with statement-parsing, vapid gossip, shiny objects.

For clarity, via Media Matters (and everybody else by now):

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