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Saturday, November 30, 2013

When Your Deep Bench Is Off The Deep End It's Not Something to Brag About

I mean, what are these Republicans going to crow about when so many of their actually unpopular ineffectual "Governor Saviors" get booted out of office in 2014 and then the Republican Primary heats up with another killer clown posse making a spectacle of themselves? Republicans are profoundly out of touch with the real diversifying secularizing planetizing America, the majority of whom recognize they've been screwed by plutocratic promises. It doesn't matter how fervently the deluded lie to themselves or the pundits reassure them with phony equivalences, the reality remains the reality. As goes California, so goes the country: reactionary racist Republicans increasingly lost the power to have any impact in Sacramento but to obstruct, and for their obstruction they were eventually punished with absolute marginalization after which Democrats took everything over and started solving all the hitherto unsolvable problems of a generation. Presumably, a new more relevant GOP will arise from the ruins both here in California and nationally as well, hopefully in time to function as a check on the corruption and abuse that a partisan monopoly on government will inevitably attract all too soon.

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