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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Go Nukes!

The Senate is an anti-democratic body, first, by disproportionately empowering sparsely populated, non-representatively conservative and homogenous rural states over states with diverse, densely-populated cities where most real Americans live and work and most real American politics and problems are happening in the first place; and then, second, by procedurally enabling reactionary minorities in obstruction and dysfunction. Republicans will go nuclear the first chance they get whether Democrats do or not, and Democrats have confirmed so many terrible Republican nominees already it is hard to imagine they could do much worse with a majority rather than a super-majority threshold in any case. I regret only that filibuster reform isn't extending to legislation yet. Yes, Republicans will pass more evil laws when they get the chance, but as a believer in democracy I don't think it is a bad thing that parties get to enact the agendas for which they are elected into majorities and then face the consequences of doing what they said they would do -- I think it would be all to the good were Republicans to enact and own their shitty brainless bigoted plutocratic agenda and then pay for the results, and Democrats actually enact their comparatively better, more progressive agenda and then reap the rewards for the results.

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