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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wait And See

I'm still slow and sleepy-eyed, putting off various school related chores, reading a Terence Rattigan biography desultorily in the bath, actually maybe feeling mildly depressed about who knows what, but I can't say there is much to blog about that is sparking my attention anyway. I'm hopeful about the pieces coming together with Richard Cordray and Eric Schneiderman that maybe some assholes will go to jail and more folks with underwater mortgages may get relief, but I can't say that I'm ecstatically hopeful by any means, and so too I'm disgusted by the ongoing GOP scrum as The Artificial Man sews up the nomination to strains of the usual, if unusually relentless, hate and idiocy, but I can't say I'm epically disgusted by any means, just generally worn down and ambivalent I guess. It's awfully early in the silly season to feel this way, but I'm feeling -- as the title suggests -- very Asquithian about the whole thing for now.

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jollyspaniard said...

Don't let Romney get you down. Twenty years ago he'd be a shoo in in this economic cimate. Nowadays he's got a snowballs chance in hell. That's progress.

He's having trouble beating Gingrich even though he's outspending him 5 to 1, has the party establishment on his side. The GOP tent is coming apart at the seams.

I'm finding the GOP primary very encouraging from a progressive perspective.