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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back to School!

First day back teaching, a critical theory survey (here's the syllabus if you're curious). Friday is my intense teaching day this term, today should be quick and painless, administrivial mostly. Still, blogging may be low today -- especially if, as I hope, my new desktop arrives today (my first new computer in over a decade, not counting the hand-me-down Eric gave me a few years ago when he upgraded). No, if you're wondering, I'm not a Mac.


jimf said...

> No, if you're wondering, I'm not a Mac.

But you're still a Pepper and we love you. ;->

jollyspaniard said...

The new computer should last you a while. PCs aren't falling behind the curve as fast as they used to, not that you probably cared much about that.

Chad Lott said...

What are you handing out from Discipline & Punish? I was just talking about it withy cousin last night. Apparently the hot Christmas toy in New Orleans was this thing called "Elf on the Shelf".

You put it on a shelf and it reported all your deeds to Santa. Weird voluntary panopticon is all the rage.