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Monday, December 26, 2011

Today's Fool Me Tee Vee

Now that their norms for male beauty have become as unattainable as those that have so long prevailed for female beauty, mass media have made as their single concession to feminism the eager encouragement of equal self-loathing.

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Thorsten Behrens said...

One could always not watch TV. Particularly day-time TV. Or one could not care much about what celebrities look like.

Mass media delivers what the masses want. Supply and demand in its most amusing feedback form. That doesn't mean that everyone has to play along.

Dale Carrico said...

Everybody alive is playing along. Denial is just one more consumer marketing lifestyle niche. I say this as an adult-lifelong atheist, feminist, anti-militarist, environmentalist, vegetarian without a car, cellphone, or clothes dryer. A less glib way of putting this is to say non-cooperation isn't really available when we are talking about globe-girdling networked-formations -- there is only education, agitation, organization to re-articulate them in more wholesome and democratizing ways. I see critique -- including occasionally memorable little wisecracks -- as one way of making a go at just that. Also, too, there are in my view some very good things on tee vee, as there are good things online, in books, in performance, in galleries, and so on.