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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Newt Getting the Boot

A spate of polls declare Newt to be in free-fall already, just the latest Not-Romney GOP Savior Flavor of the Week to implode upon scrutiny. I can't say that I am surprised -- this isn't anybody's first trip to the Rodeo, Palin, Trump, Bachmann, Cain have all taken us to the Rodeo -- but I will admit I'm a bit sad. I was hoping Newt's ascendancy was arriving close enough to Iowa to do real damage, but, alas.

The question I'm left with is whether the money-bag puke funnel (er, GOP Establishment) will be able to hypnotize the know-nothing white racist patriarchal prick muscular baby jeebus death-cult wannabe serfs (er, GOP Base) into solid support for dead-eyed bazillionaire Mr. 22% with the same ease that they kneecapped their shining pseudo-intellectual futurological-guru superannuated badboy scam artist pet. The thing I liked about a Newt nomination wasn't that I thought him beatable, since Obama can handily beat any one of the clowns in the GOP clown car this silly season, even with this economy in my opinion, but that I thought him so devastatingly beatable that his beat-down would have the coat-tails for Democrats to keep the Senate and regain the House, which our collective nightmare since the mid-terms has demonstrated must also happen if Obama winning the White House is supposed to mean anything apart from non-insane Supreme Court nominations given the monolithic obstructionism and relentless stupidity of Today's Crazytown GOP.

Now, if everybody in the GOP Base keeps on disliking Romney's cardboard manner and see-saw convictions and keeps on distrusting Romney's used car salesman protestations that he is quite as death-dealing and anti-civilizational as any Base GOP voter could care to meet, then perhaps Romney's thorough deconstruction by the Obama campaign might yield adequate demoralization of the GOP Base and worry-slash-disgust of the so-called Independents (not one of whom has ever had an Independent thought let alone voted on the basis of one) to yield enough coat-tail to keep the Senate and regain the House after all.

But that necessary work will be a harder slog by far for Democrats with Romney boring everybody into indifference to differences that make a difference, especially since no doubt the left blogipelago and media will undoubtedly give so many megaphones to performance artists declaring Obama and Romney to be twins as compared to their anarchist or socialist dream dates all the livelong day.

Anyway, maybe there's still time for Ron Paul to caress the GOP's Randroid Boner into something comparably suicidal to the Gingrich scenario, and, hey, Frothy Santorum hasn't yet been given his, er, shot, at the, er, mix. Here's hoping the Rodeo stays on the road. More cowbell!


jollyspaniard said...

The GOP base will rally around Romney. Remember a lot of them expressed contempt for McCain until he won then they rallied and sang his praises, until he lost.

However unlike McCain Romney has been swung to the hard right during the primary season. Thanks to Youtube he won't be able to walk those positions back. I suspect he may get confronted with that in the general.

Dale Carrico said...

Precisely because the Base didn't in fact rally entirely behind McCain (which drove his decision to visit the plague of La Palin upon us, recall) he lost -- as of course will Romney also lose. Again, the question is whether their distrust, disgust, and demoralization is sufficient to give Obama the coat-tails to keep the Senate and regain the House, else we're stuck in Crazytown as the planetary temperature is rising and cliff-face of worldwide Depression looms.

jollyspaniard said...

The election will be interesting in the Chinese sense of the word.