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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Can Somebody Please Tell Me Why Republicans Like Killing People So Much?

Watching the GOP Presidential debates and listening to the things the candidates say, and especially the things the candidates say that incite the loudest jubilation from the crowds, there is nothing more clear than that Republicans really like killing people. They like killing people in wars, even the inevitable civilian casualties. They like killing people with capital punishment, even the inevitable innocents eventually exonerated by newfound evidence. They like killing people without insurance, even those with easily treatable conditions. They like killing women with medically precarious pregnancies and in illegal back-alley abortions, even though they are utterly indifferent to the health, nourishment, safety, poverty, education, or welfare of the "precious life" they claim to be saving the moment it arrives in the deadly world they would make for it. Listen to them, howling for blood in their crowds and on their blogs! Torture detainees, beat the independence out of children, randomly profile and frisk and humiliate people of color, bully gays into suicide, work foreigners to death and then shoot them at the border, fill our streets and malls and bars and churches with more and more and more guns, drill, baby, drill until the whole living world is a dead cinder! How are we ever going to find a way of building a world worth living in with these horrible dangerous people?

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jollyspaniard said...

Keep the presidency in the hands of a Democrat as much as possible. The bloodthirsty hard right tend to be a lot more isolationist when the Commander in Chief is a Democrat. That tends to solve the foriegn war piece.

There's an isolationist streak building amongst the hard right ala Ron Paul and his supporters. And apart from that I monitored the comments on a tea party blog on a post about potential military spending cuts and I was suprised at how many of them supported it.

But as to the rest, I'm coming around to Richard Dawkins way of thinking. Religious dogma has a lot to answer for.