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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Future!

Apparently, still a white penis.

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Lorraine said...

You put these "white penis" links to ieet up every now and then. This is the first time I clicked it, and now I see why. I was assuming it'd be a group photo from their last convention or something, but just as informatively, it appears to be a blog with a little head shot of the author of each piece. Andy Miah looks like someone who could pass for a person of color. The thing on the page that creeps under my skin is Mike Treder's What the Wall Street Protest is About. Under that title is the statement "It’s not left versus right. It’s the system." I'm getting sick and goddamned tired of that particular Tea Party-esque gambit. As I write the present sentence, I haven't yet clicked that link, but I'm mentally "wagering" that when I do, the phrase "crony capitalism" will appear at least once in the article. What do you think would be the odds of that. Well, here goes...

Well, I'm shocked, the first incidence of the word "crony" is in a comment by one iPan. Oh, well. The tone of the statement is of course summed up in this statement:

My hope is that whatever comes next will retain the vigor and vitality of a market economy to drive innovation and reward productivity, but will guard against the imbalance of power and inherent injustice of US-style capitalism, and will value people more than profits.