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Monday, November 21, 2011

Afro Blue Was Robbed!

This soul wrenching performance of "A Change Gonna Come" lost Afro Blue a spot on The Sing Off finale next week. In other developments, up is now down, two plus two is nine, and water boils at thirteen degrees. I am fairly confident that this means those consistently inventive, always fun, outrageously talented kids of Pentatonix will win it all -- and I am happy for them to win it all, I think they are great. But I've been moved the whole show through by Afro Blue. They were never provided a challenge squarely in their jazz mode and yet their superior musicality and soul uplifted every genre they touched. They didn't win, but theirs is the record I will buy when it comes out. Soul Survivors! As for the boy scrum the judges let through, whatever. Their leads are Branson bait, and most of them will probably end up being stock brokers.

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Mr.Y said...

I totally agree with you! It is interesting that the white judges voted for the bouncy pop group, and the black judge voted for Afro-Blue. Oh my, divided along racial lines. Even their name is possibly too radical for the TV network to handle, a combination of its origin with Mongo Santamaria and John Coltrane, Thanks for the clear obsevation which no one else seems to see!