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Monday, September 19, 2011

Skip the Armchair Psychologizing of Obama

I don't think the president had some epiphany and suddenly realized he's been going about things all wrong. Rather, I think that the calendar advanced to past Labor Day a year out from election day. It is time to campaign… [T]he president has a lot more credibility now when he takes his ideas to the public and says the Republicans aren't interested in compromise. You have to try and fail to get a compromise before that argument has any resonance. It's not so much 11-Dimensional chess as basic common sense. Everyone's poll numbers suffered during the summer, but no one's standing was weakened more the Republicans'. That's not an accident.
Especially when they're in campaign mode Team Obama has always been pretty consummate with the timing. Rhetoric 101 is the same as it ever was. They are reading the same polls the rest of us are. If there's no need to indulge in long-distance mind-reading exercises to account for deicisions why go there at all?


erickingsley said...

You are way off base here Dale.

Booman and you and everyone else on Earth does what you both label 'armchair psychologizing' here all the time.

I don't care about Booman, he's a bore, but I am surprised at you echoing him here.

Dale Carrico said...

If it weren't for BooMan Benen and Maddow I'd be tearing my hair out.