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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Even Anti-Militarist Queers Can Cheer the End of DADT

Queering the Singularity:
Cheering the open incorporation of queer bodies into the imperialist project implies support for its horrors.
This reaction, while plausible on first glance, seems to me superficial and ultimately misguided. Queer critiques of militarism and refusals of participation in the military are rendered more forceful rather than less now that we are actually allowed open participation in them. Even for a hippy pinko queer like me the abolition of DADT is a clear victory for social justice. It is hard to see how the selective segregation of queers from participation in an anyway-existing military (in an already militarist-industrialist-patriarchal society) represents a boost for pacifism and anti-militarism the end of which is to be especially bemoaned.


JD Tuyes said...

"an anyway-existing military"? dand for a long, long time yet I'm afraid.

i watched the republican debates while in a hotel last week jet-lagged but especially in shock. lots of one ups on who could build the thickest wall between the us and mexico.

with politics like these we'll indeed need the military against all the wars they create.

miss you

Dale Carrico said...

Jules -- e-mail me at, would you? I'm having a tough time tracking you down a bit.