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Monday, May 18, 2009

Dispatches from Libertopia: Rational Self Interest and Spontaneous Order in Somalia

Brought to you by the Libertopian Sooper Geniuses of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, "Stateless in Somalia and Loving It."

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Marc said...

Well, THAT really stunned me.

I had seen this spoof video before, but only embedded on some webpage so I din't see the companion links to this Mises-Institute piece and another article at Reason magazine that are posted on the youtube page.

Therefore I wasn't aware that it was a response to an ACTUAL article promoting this kind of nonsense.

I thought it was just a an apt caricature of the the general nonsense coming from the more extreme libertarians. I really didn't think it possible that anyone would actually go so far as to hail the general anarchy and violence of Somalia as a positive model for a society without central government.

This is completely and utterly insane.