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Monday, December 10, 2007

Rachel Maddow Ready for Take Off!

[via ThinkProgress]

Rachel Maddow, my favorite media personality who isn't Amy Goodman, has recently “taped a pilot” for MSNBC -- where baby-faced baby-brained conservative Tucker Carlson's ratings are falling like a stone, while fighting liberal Keith Olbermann's ratings soar like... I don't know, like a stone with wings or a booster rocket or something.

Rachel Maddow has the best show on Air America these days (though I still especially heart Sam Seder also), indefatigably right-on-with-your-on politically, timely, sharp, smart, witty, very charming and genuinely funny, but also offering the likes of me a catnip combo of on-air queer and geek. And she currently makes irregular appearances on MSNBC programs anyway.

The good folks at ThinkProgress say there is “no word on if the pilot is being considered ready for take-off.” Maddow's fans can assure everybody involved that Maddow has been ready for nationwide takeoff for quite some time now.

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