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Friday, December 21, 2007

Grading Diary Climax

Just completed and handed in grades for my third and final class. What a relief! Of course, since I have assigned a few failing grades and incompletes this means the term isn't really completely over, and is sure to have an awkward aftermath, possibly a prolonged one, demanding scenes in which nagging, recrimination, histrionics, and despair are almost sure to be involved (hell, for some students the award of a "B" can provoke such scenes). But, come what may, I have the whole weekend to myself at last. No prep, no post, only reading for pleasure. Heaven! At last, I have a nice free space of time to watch my copy of the gorgeously restored and remastered Berlin Alexanderplatz, which has been reproaching me for ignoring it since it arrived weeks ago.

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