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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Distance Learning Course on the Longevity Dividend

[via IEET] This sounds interesting:
This Fall… J[ames] Hughes taught a course [entitled] “Living Healthier and Longer: Opportunities and Challenges”… at Trinity College on the effects of healthy aging on public policy, and the arguments for a Longevity Dividend/anti-aging research program.

All the readings and AV materials are available on the web, and [Hughes is] thinking about running it as a ten-week distance learning course for a nominal [but as yet unspecified] fee.

The ten weeks would be:
1. Longevity Dividend Overview
2. Demography of Aging
3. Biology of Aging
4. Bioethics of Longevity
5. Safety and Efficacy of Therapies
6. Economics of Longevity: Retirement Age and Social Security
7. Medicare and Health Insurance Reform
8. Disability and Aging
9. Immigration, Emigration and the Encouraging Baby-Making
10. Intergenerational Equity

Drop [Hughes] a line if you would be interested in participating in such a course. We would set up a discussion forum for it here on the IEET site, and there would be a weekly assignment to write a blog/forum post on the theme of that week. The course wouldn’t come with any formal credits at an accredited institution, but we would present you with a handsome certificate of completion.

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gf said...

Thanks Dale, I sent him an email.

Also, do you know of any sneaky/(il)legal ways of accessing JSTOR once one leaves the ivory towers (hah) of the university?

My local library doesn't participate with them, and I freakin' hate this draconian, closed door policy with INFORMATION that JSTOR has for individual/private scholars.