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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Live Long And Prosper


jimf said...

From the comments:

"He’s a self-promoter with a physics education. A Musk wannabe."

Aren't they all?
Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe it’s a guy who thinks the replicators
on Star Trek are real. Maybe it’s another article from the delusional
weirdos of the Singularity Hub. Maybe it’s just that I get really annoyed. . .

jimf said...

Star Trek - Some Singing and Some Poisoning

I recall reading somewhere that an NBC exec remarked, in disapproval,
"What is this supposed to be, a musical?"

After those two TOS first-season episodes ("The Conscience of the King"
and "Charlie X" -- the latter aired first), there was one subsequent episode
(second season, "The Changeling") where Uhura gets to **hum**
"Beyond Antares" over an open intercom to the auxiliary control
room, where she's overhead by Nomad. And that was it for
Uhura's singing career on Star Trek.

Speaking of Star Trek, you know 2018 is the year warp drive gets
invented, according to TOS canon. Lieutenant McGivers says so,
and she should know, since she's the ship's historian. ;->
Star Trek - Kirk Meets Khan (Widescreen)

MARLA: Captain, it's a sleeper ship.

KIRK: Suspended animation?

MARLA: Uh huh. I've seen old photographs of this.
Necessary because of the time involved in space travel
until about the year 2018. It took years just to travel
from one planet to another. Then a brilliant industrialist
named Elon Musk found a way around the laws of physics. . .

Hm. Why does she say "about" the year 2018? Is there
going to be time-distortion effect? Or has the election
of Donald Trump altered the time-line?

Anyway. . . happy new year.