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Friday, December 08, 2017


According to Pew, Trump's approval has fallen in every polled demographic group over the course of his first year, dramatically in some, and of course, overall his approval is historically unprecedentedly low, and has been from the first. For any other President, for any other party, at any other time in history this would matter enormously. Although this November's off-year election was an encouraging harbinger, it still remains to be seen if Trump's dismal record and approval will free us from his catastrophic criminal administration before he manages to do us all in.


Anonymous said...

"Catastrophic criminal administration" indeed! One of the worst ever. And Hillbot/Obamabot fake "progressive" assholes like you are responsible for giving it to us. We could have easily had a REAL progressive president, but assholes like you insisted on supporting a loser and disgusting human being that everyone hated even more than they hate Trump. Fuck you. And we will NOT forget.

Dale Carrico said...

If you care about what you claim to care about I think you have worse enemies than me to focus your distaste on.