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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

One Week Out, A New And Negative Closing Argument

After the outrageous partisan insinuations from Republican FBI Director Comey re-ignited the Clinton damned e-mail story yet again, the Clinton campaign has diverted from its long-planned positive alternative closing argument, the one she previewed a week ago, and has gone full-on negative, a base GOTV anger/fear mobilization and peel off suburban white women from the GOP strategy. It's defensive and ugly and demoralizing, I'm sure it reflects campaign numbers that are more accurate (and probably scarier) than public polling is providing us, and it is a very fitting end for the debased de-professionalized hate-radio/reality-TV/twitter-infantile bigot-rump Trumpmania campaign with which the Republican party has tortured our souls for over a year now. I'm depressed and disgusted, but more scarred than scared.

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