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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Fighting Blind

Trump voters thought they were giving "The Establishment" the finger but they just poked their eyes out with it.


jimf said...

> . . .they just poked their eyes out with it. . .
Can Trump Save Their Jobs? They’re Counting on It
NOV. 12, 2016

. . .

It is precisely this level of enthusiasm. . . that pollsters
and the campaign of Hillary Clinton did not appreciate,
even though it was vividly on display in February after
a video went viral showing furious Carrier workers here
learning from management that their jobs would be going
abroad. . .

Carrier’s decision to move the factory to Monterrey,
Mexico, will eliminate 1,400 jobs by 2019. Mr. Trump
quickly made the factory Exhibit A in his argument against
the trade policies of Republicans and Democrats alike.

He cited Carrier again and again on the campaign trail,
threatening to phone executives at the company and its
parent, United Technologies, and to hit them with 35
percent tariffs on any furnaces and air-conditioners they
imported from Mexico. To the cheers of his supporters,
he predicted at rallies that Carrier would call him up
as president and say, “Sir, we’ve decided to stay in the United States.”

Now his supporters expect action. “If he doesn’t pass that tariff,
I will vote the other way next time. . .”

Carrier isn’t changing its plans. . .

For Mr. Trump, now comes the hard part. In interviews
in recent days and in March, Trump voters here made clear
that if he does not follow through on his promises,
they are prepared to turn on him, just as they are seemingly
punishing Democrats today for not delivering the hope and
change voters sought from President Obama after he won
as an outsider in 2008. . .

Uh huh.

Dale Carrico said...

Panem et circenses: When the failures come reeling in he'll just make a spectacle of punishing vulnerable scapegoats and ignorant white assholes will vote for their slavedrivers as usual like lambs.

Anonymous said...

Dale. Please stop the posturing and calling everyone that you disagree with as white assholes. Go back to your interesting discussions on futurology and AI. --Katie

Dale Carrico said...

I'm not posturing, I believe what I say. I don't call everyone I disagree with white assholes, I only call the white assholes I disagree with that. I write about what matters to me when it matters to me, and perhaps that will come to better co-incide with what matters to you as it has done in the past. Or perhaps not. Who can say?

Anonymous said...

Yes. Who can say? Such bitterness. I've deleted your bookmark from my favorites. Don't bother to respond. Good-bye.

Dale Carrico said...

Departure is a simple act. You put the left foot down and then the right.

jimf said...

Hush, dear. Mother's fighting.

jollyspaniard said...

The establishment in their eyes is feminism, anti racism and progressive politics in general. A lot of them won't admit this, it just so happens that progressives are all tools of an evil illuminati and the only way to defeat them is to elect racists.

Dale Carrico said...

White people are becoming a minority in a diverse majority minority country, and fear the loss of status and authority and possibility white supremacy afforded -- feminism, anti-racism, progressivism (understood as progress toward sustainable equity-in-diversity) represent forces at once exemplifying and implementing these dreaded changes.

Anti-establishmentarianism, anti-elitism, anti-political correctness are funhouse mirrors, rhetoric opportunistically deployed by plutocrats to mobilize useful idiots to vote against their best interests, as well as, I suppose, a kind of fever swamp of ill-conceived symptomatic upwellings of resentment and fear, little of it making much real sense and none of it clarifying of the actual realities in play. I notice, for example, how many anti-elitists are awfully devoted to moneyed elites, how anti-establishmentarians desire outcomes that objectively require becoming a working establishment, and how most if not all so-called anti-PC warriors are infinitely fragile and easily enraged at perceived slights... few of those frames make sustained analytically useful sense, I am finding.