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Friday, September 02, 2016

The Prism of Crowds

One thing both the fauxvolutionaries I disagree with and the tech-talkers I disagree with have in common is that so many of them mistake crowds for organizations.


Anonymous said...

The one thing that fauxprogressives have in common with fauxvolutionaries is pining about another gentle liberal "revolution", that's gonna happen any day now, for sure, if slowly - while directly and indirectly assisting in the destruction in the only progressive society that was ever born as a result of a revolution - the USSR. It is precisely Stalin's crew iron hand that accomplished amazing things in just 20 years, rather than "the Russian people", who, without Stalin, would indeed be just a crowd.

Tough luck, assholes. This was a once in the lifetime of mankind chance, and it is gone forever, in large part thanks to domestic liberal intelligentsia. Keep expending your precious bodily liquids on a political strategy that ceased to be viable in 1975.

Dale Carrico said...

This was a once in the lifetime of mankind chance, and it is gone forever

The thought that you might possibly be referring to the doomed disorganized Sanders campaign here is honestly going to keep me in stitches for days. This has got to be a troll. Nobody pining after Stalin's iron hand could possibly call anybody else an asshole with a straight face, brave "Anonymous." I do hope you are the same jackass who in earlier comments elsewhere today pretended to be a progressive who thinks it's funny to call women you dislike hags and to punch down at adjuncts because they are precarious: thanks for the chuckle dimwit.