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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Gun Violence Destroys Freedom


jimf said...

So there's this psycho- mystico- New Ageish "life coach"
on YouTube -- one of many, but this one happens to be
young, male, and **extremely** easy on the eyes. ;->

And gay, too, for what it's worth, though even if
I were 35 years younger and in his league looks-wise,
the gulf between our Weltanschauungen would be

To wit:
How To Practice Self-Love & Be Good To Yourself
Jordan Bach


Access that place of peace, and then say "I surrender
what's going on in my life to a power that's greater
than myself, knowing that the universe has a dream for
my life that is greater than any dream I could imagine
for myself." I mean, even just saying that right now,
to me, makes me want to well up. Because, to recognize
that you really are never in control can be frightening
for some people, but ultimately when you realize that
the universe is a friendly universe that is guiding us
and supporting us -- that changes everything. We can
breathe, we can create some space for grace in our lives.
Albert Einstein said "The most important decision you'll
ever make in your life is whether you believe the universe
is a benevolent universe or a hostile universe." And
because I have chosen to believe that this is a friendly
universe, it just so happens that it really appears to
me like it is. When I surrender my life to a power that's
greater than myself I feel guided, and indeed I am shown
the right things at the right time.

Where would I even start with this?

Poor Einstein -- so much crap gets attributed to him that he is
no longer around to disabuse. Surely, the good Herr Professor Doktor
would have rejected **both** these anthropomorphized
alternatives and pointed out that the universe as a whole is
**indifferent** -- or, to purge the last traces of
intentionality, simply unconscious of human beings, either
individually or in the aggregate.

But if you do want to posit some kind of "cosmic consciousness"
(a la Olaf Stapledon, let's say), isn't it much more likely that it'd have
about as much regard for a human being as a human would have
for a bacterium inhabiting his own gut? (Spare a thought for
the millions you've just evicted from their homes the next time you
press the flush handle on the toilet. ;-> )

I'm afraid my passport to La La Land was long ago denied.
But I just can't bring myself to believe I'm the worse for it.

I think my response to this sort of rhetoric in real life would
simply be to shrug and say with a smile "I guess I just
don't talk that way." ;->

Mr. Bach cries very prettily for the camera, though:
There Are No Words
Jordan Bach
Published on Jun 26, 2015
I'm overwhelmed with joy about today's Supreme Court decision.
I'm also charged with conviction about helping those who aren't
experiencing the validation we are experiencing today.

I think I'm in love with his eyebrows. ;->

jimf said...

> So there's this psycho- mystico- New Ageish "life coach"
> on YouTube -- one of many. . .

This is an interesting video:

Cult Wars: Teal Swan VS Stefan Molyneux
Feminism LOL [Diana Davison]
Published on Sep 28, 2015
Teal and Stefan have both been accused of running cults
and not just by outside observers but by people who have
defected from their “inner circles”.

jimf said...

I blame it **all** on lizard aliens. See ya later alligator!
I Met My Hero — And Here’s What I Said

Who are the greatest living inspirations of your life whom
you’ve admired deeply from afar?

What would you say to them if you were given the chance to
meet them in person?

I had the opportunity to meet one of my three heroes --
and the words didn’t come easily.

I wish I’d thought more carefully about what I would say,
I just never thought I’d actually meet them.

Think about what you might say to your living heroes,
because you never know what or who the Universe is
sending your way.

With love,



Sabrina 2 months ago Reply

Your videos leave me crying… so thank you. You are
definitely on that list of mine now. And Teal Swan.
And Wayne Dyer always was. So a new place to be filled.

Cameron Clark
Aug 20, 2015

Cameron Clark talks about her experience living with cult leader
Teal Swan in this interview with Helena Phoenix who was filling
in for host Angela Black on her show,
At This Moment At Revolution Radio.


Helena Phoenix: Also, if you can share the experience you had
when you were all sitting around the dinner table, and she [Teal Swan]
had one guy convinced he was an ex-reptilian, basically because
he felt so guilty about it. You tell the story. I thought this
was amazing.

Cameron Clark: Well, to preface, she claims that she's in touch
with extraterrestrial beings, and she's an actual. . .
she can see her higher self, and she can communicate with her higher
self and talk to Jesus and Buddha in the ether, so of course
she's telling people that she's part of some extraterrestrial
council like Greenpeace, and she came down here with a mission to
raise human awareness. This is part of the narcissism -- she
needs to convince herself that she's associating with very
important people. So she tries to convince everybody in her inner
circle not only does it -- it serves two purposes, that she can
manipulate them to get them to work for her and buy into her
vision, but then also it makes her feel special that she's associating
with high-prestigious aliens, basically. So she convinced everybody
in the group that their higher self was some sort of an extraterrestrial,
and her boyfriend at that time was -- she told him -- was a reptilian.
She described him to -- she described what he looked like, and said
that he had seven or -- I don't remember how tall she said he
was -- maybe she said he was twelve feet tall, and he had a big
head, like a bone headdress thing around him, and he was considered
sort of like a high-ranking reptilian, but he was a rogue, and
he was here to show the reptilians that humans weren't all bad.
So basically she convinced him that that's why he came here,
to go on his own rogue mission and bring information back to the
reptilian hive to show that humans weren't all bad.
In the meantime she convinced him that he had a bunch of grey
aliens that were working for him on this rogue mission, and that the
greys were harvesting information from 6,000 abductees, and
all of these abductees of Fallon's [the boyfriend] were going to
be coming through at some point. . .

I have to admit Teal Swan has it all over Laura Knight-Jadczyk
in the looks department.