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Thursday, June 16, 2016


This is the positive ad fountaining across the Battleground states to get HRC's negatives up while her campaign simultaneously dumps video montages of crazy slash bigoted Trump quotes (like the one I posted a few minutes ago) all over social media. Millions more people are only just starting to pay serious attention to the campaign and HRC is defining her opponent early -- as Obama did in 2012 -- and building her counter-narrative while Trump flounders under the weight of organizing and fundraising issues. Anything can happen, that is what makes the Trump candidacy so horrifying, but be clear that Democrats are organizing to take advantage of the Trump moment to seize back the reins of government across its branches and from top to bottom. Increasing and improving healthcare, comprehensive immigration reform, green investment and jobs, gun safety regulation, lowering education costs and debt, strengthening financial regulation, securing abortion access, a shift from punishment to harm reduction and to community policing will all rise or fall, potentially saving and improving millions upon millions of lives, will depend, like it or not, on whether or not Democrats succeed in this venture.

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jimf said...

> HRC's negatives. . . Trump quotes. . .

I love to listen to Camille Paglia rant about the
state of the world.
Camille Paglia talks to Ella Whelan about feminism
Apr 14, 2016


Ella Whelan: Let's throw caution to the wind and say, if it
came down to Trump and Hillary, and you were pushed to
vote for somebody -- would you? and who would you vote for?

Camille Paglia: Oh, I would not vote for either of them. I will
be voting. . . I will either be writing in Bernie Sanders'
name or I will vote, as I did last time, last election, for
Jill Stein of the Green Party, which I. . . the party
I contribute to every year. And I cannot vote. . . I feel
that Hillary Clinton is utterly corrupt, OK? I feel that
her current positions on the campaign trail have been just
coopted from what Bernie Sanders was saying, because her
poll testing told her that that's where the party was, OK?
So I think she's absolutely soulless, I think she's incompetent,
I mean. . . I think, I've often said, Dianne Feinstein,
the senator from California, should have been the first woman
president of the US -- she was the former mayor of San Francisco
as well, and if there has been no woman president it's simply
because the two most qualified women -- Nancy Pelosi being the
other one, the Speaker of the House -- the highest position a
woman has ever won in the government of the United States -- these
women didn't put themselves forward to run. If only she would
withdraw, for whatever reason, and then they would put in Biden,
probably, you know, Vice President Biden, then I think Biden
could win, I really do, I think Biden could beat any one of the
Republican candidates. So I would vote for Biden, even though --
you know, he's kind of dim -- he's a dim bulb, shall we
say [laughs]. All right, but -- he's a decent guy, you know,
and kind of a "mensch" -- Yiddish slang -- and people like
him, and he's experienced, he knows the world, he has
international connections. So I think there would be a seamless
transition, and so on. I love Bernie Sanders, but the point is,
it's going to be a steep learning curve should he win, because
he doesn't. . . he hasn't really been in any kind of executive
position before this.