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Sunday, April 03, 2016


A Bernie Sanders event at the Madison Kohl Center in Tuesday's primary state Wisconsin was 75% empty today. Hillary Clinton has never summoned the sorts of college crowds in college towns that have suffused mainstream media outlets with the romance of Sanders' improbable protest campaign from the beginning -- but of course supporters of Clinton have never been inclined to confuse fandom excitements with serious deliberation or sustainable organizing in the first place. Miscalculations happen, but one wonders if recent GOP-style election tactics in Nevada and journalistic fact-checking exposing false GOP-style smears against Hillary Clinton on the part of the Sanders campaign in recent days aren't threatening the arrival of #PeakBern, especially now as the ever-steeper odds against success in the dwindling remaining states settles in and Sanders' small donors begin to wonder if their small dollars might have better uses.

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