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Monday, April 04, 2016

Burn And Then Turn

"Feel the Burn" is an apt slogan for a campaign that burns through resources week to week, all the while expecting continual small donor replenishment to get them through the next expense. Indeed, the slogan is doubly apt, as the moment these spooked or demoralized small donors hold back their small dollars for better personal uses this ominous recklessness will fatally burn the campaign. It is little wonder that the Sanders campaign is getting panicky as the New York primary draws near. Little short of a shocking blowout victory for Sanders there will be compatible with the least plausible viability for him given how few delegate-rich states remain thereafter. Here's hoping all the foolish demonizing can be compensated by Sanders' eventual endorsement and energetic campaigning on behalf of Clinton in months to come. Elizabeth Warren's conspicuous neutrality, won by failing to endorse during the primary, will no doubt make her an indispensable broker of party unity together with Senator Sanders come the convention.

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