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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Erasure And Truthiness

I'm a democratic socialist who is supporting Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. To say more democratic socialists are supporting Bernie, more fool them, doesn't "erase" me. The numbers are the numbers. I am not erased by my failure to erase awareness of the numbers, if I wanted to do such a thing. For myself, I can only try my best to change the reality they represent by offering up arguments from my position of curious marginality to public scrutiny. For example: I am a democratic socialist because I value equity-in-diversity, and I happen to think Hillary Clinton's published policies, critical intelligence, pragmatic temperament, command of the issues, lifelong progressive commitments, and deep and wide connections with coalitions and organizations that must be mobilized in any effort to implement change are far more likely to build on the accomplishments of the Obama era, fatally undermine the reactionary evil of the Republican Party at a time of its greatest vulnerability, and bring this country closer to the equity-in-diversity I value than Bernie Sanders could even though he says he is a democratic socialist like me. That is certainly a more honest effort than whining about my so-called "erasure" would be just because most of my socialist friends and allies disagree with me on this topic for now.


Anonymous said...

As a fellow Demo I would agree with you on most of your points except that Hillary Clinton cares nothing for anything but raw power. Another sub-par mind trading off her degrees from a half century ago, this unaccomplished, bitter harridan lacks the wisdom to chart a course that avoids aggravating our society’s already gaping wounds. Instead, she’ll pour salt into them for no reason other than her own delight at asserting power, gleefully poking with initiatives. And, oh yes, Sanders does scare me. What we really need is a Warren or Biden.

Dale Carrico said...

It goes without saying that monstrous monster is monstrous. You know, Hillary derangement is quite as boring a form of stupidity as Obama derangement. "As a fellow Dem," let's leave that fucking idiocy to Republicans, shall we?