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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Clinton gets delegates, Sanders gets headlines.

2016 Democratic Primary in a nutshell.


jollyspaniard said...

His Michigan win added a bit of excitement to his exit but he's out now.

But I'm becoming less than absolutely convinced that Hilary will handily beat The Donald. I have been assuming that he would just naturally implode but he doesn't and maybe he won't.

I have noticed the conspiracy theory fans on the left are openly voicing support for Trump to their peers. I've found that disturbing but unsurprising.

Dale Carrico said...

The Obama Coalition already won twice and it has grown since then while the white conservative GOP Base has shrunk. Math is your friend. POC, liberal whites, women are united against Trump. You really cannot win a US election without Latinos and they HATE Trump for obvious reasons. Women, as always, are indispensable: Hillary is already winning woman two to one -- and polls suggest women are profoundly turned off by Trump's bullying. It's not that Trump won't win, he can't win (barring crazy contingencies, which of course makes this a horrific and unacceptable risk in any case) -- but, again, he will lose, and he will lose in ways that threaten the GOP Senate, House, and state-level races. It's quite terrifying that one of the parties in our duopoly will promote a racist authoritarian clown but the result will be the end of the GOP as we know it, not the nation. The Southern Strategy dies in 2016, the diverse Obama Coalition will be recognized as the Real America beyond question. White racist patriarchal christianist evangelicals will howl in terror at the realization of their marginalization but they'll be fine since losing privilege isn't actually an unbearable injustice after all. Hillary will be a less inspiring technocratic pragmatist consolidating and expanding Obama policy legacies in a world turning reluctantly away from neoliberal austerity and toward sustainable practice and infrastructure investment. Maybe things will get a bit better in the world.

Esebian said...

This scenario only applies in a fair fight, which we all know the GOP always did their darndest to reject. Now that they rallied around Drumpf (because, no matter the noises of reluactance, that's what cons live for, goosestepping) it's business as usual for the Party leaders, and that means they're up to their old tricks again.

Election fraud, election fraud and election fraud.

They've stole the Presidency as recently as 2000, you'd be naive to believe they couldn't succeed again. And with Drumpf rallies degenerating into third-world junta police actions, he has a whole army of useful morons to keep the undesireds out of polling spots.

Dale Carrico said...

I am the last to deny the threat of Republican disenfranchisement and shenanigans. But the elections they steal are the ones that are close. I don't think it's going to be close. The Obama Coalition is the REAL Real America, and more and more and more so with every passing year. Trump's negatives are through the roof exactly as they should be, whether Trump or Cruz people of color, queerfolk, single mothers, so many will be voting for our lives! Of course it will be a fight, but it is a fight we can win and win so resoundingly the obstructionist white-racist patriarchal anti-science gun-nut GOP will be left looking upon their ruination. Despair is not warranted, nor is it an option. We will win. (What we manage to do with our partisan victory will then be shaped and pressured by radical movements, BlackLivesMatter, queer feminism, climate activism, FightForFifteen, and so on.)