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Friday, January 01, 2016

Too Late To Play It Sane, Dvorsky

Apparently a billion times bitten, once shy, George Dvorsky appends an unexpectedly cynical coda to one of the Science Stories [H]e'll Be Watching in 2016:
Private Russian company Orbital Technologies is expected to launch a commercial space station that could serve double duty as a space hotel for tourists. We’ll believe it when we see it.
If Dvorsky extended such skepticism to the rest of the subjects that have preoccupied his writing over the years it isn't clear to me he would have much in the way of writing to show for himself. But Dvorsky's struggle is real: sure, a generation fucked over by neoliberal futurological fraudsters and techbro assholes is less likely to lap up warmed over techno-transcendental digi-utopianism as authentic Saganesque sensawunda, but impresarios of a certain age are best advised to stick to their schtick even as fashions and tides change so treacherously. It isn't as if there aren't endlessly many better qualified better writers available to write about real technoscience topics when it comes to that. 

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