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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Another Teaching Day

Finally got some sleep last night and for once it does not look like rain. Yesterday's class went well enough and today's should be no muss no fuss, especially since I won't be stumbling in the streets in an exhausted insomniac haze. Today's class is an introduction of my undergraduate course on patriarchy in classical Greece and Rome. It's a highly simplified version of a course I've taught at Berkeley half a dozen times and I could teach the thing competently blindfolded in a dunk tank -- fortunately so much of the material is so beautiful and provocative to me I won't be able to help giving them a passionate rather than perfunctory course in any case. I hope this group is a lively one -- the English comedy of manners course I taught last term never really fired my students up and their indifference was a real drag on a weekly basis.

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