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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Republicans Really Put The Baseness In Base

According to the results of today's major CBS/NYT Poll, Trump is back on top with a considerable lead, but what is truly striking is the realization that adding Trump's 35% support (for a white supremacist) to Cruz's 16% support (for a fascist) to Carson's 13% support (for a theocrat), fully 64% of likely Republican primary voters are embracing full on fulminating tyrannical anti-civilizational insanity. Republican fear -- of the brown and the queer -- really is bringing the slaughterhouse here.    


jollyspaniard said...

And we're seeing the same in Europe too. We are living in interesting times in the Chinese sense of the phrase.

I stopped paying attention to American politics for a year and a half and things seem extra nuts now.

ps I like the new Captcha, much more forgiving than the old system that often mistook me for a replicant.

Dale Carrico said...

I had a feeling you had dropped off the intraweb precincts I frequent lately, hope all is well in your world in general.

jimf said...

Wouldn't Dan Savage make a kick-ass president?

CIW Instigators: Dan Savage, "It Gets Better"

Dale Carrico said...

Also, he is dreamy and has been dreamy for EVER.