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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Teaching, Grading

It's the weekend, but I'm grading mid-term exams and short student papers today and tomorrow. Summer intensives never let up, if anything the work accumulates and amplifies from beginning to end. Four weeks behind, two weeks to go. Last week was especially tough, as I was working through a bone-wearying head-stuffing cold, but I am feeling the burst of energy that follows when you shunt off a bug, and I am arriving at the place in my syllabi when I am teaching Fanon, Arendt, and Ta-Nehisi Coates in one class, and Quintilian and Roman satirists in the other, work that I care about so deeply, and so, buried under a snow-drift of grading and reading as I am, tired and strung out as I am felling, I can't deny that there is some real exhilaration around here. Blogging low to no, tho, for a while still.

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