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Monday, June 15, 2015

Back to Teaching

The hits keep coming. Late Saturday I felt a summer cold coming and now I find myself aching, raw, coughing, sniffling, with my head stuffed with straw. Usually when this happens I crawl into bed for a few days and sleep through the whole thing, coming up for the occasional microwaved theraflu or what have you till the thing passes. But the relentlessness of summer intensives knocks that plan right on its caboose. I've got to find the energy somehow for five days of long, book-burdened walks to the bus-stop, high-energy pep-rallies shepherding concerned students through valid anxieties, and long, focused lectures day after day after day, however I'm feeling. Not sure where all this clarity and energy is supposed to come from. A long week ahead, I fear.

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