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Thursday, September 25, 2014

"We're Not Monsters, We’re Just Ignorant Bigoted Greedy Short-Sighted Assholes Who Don't Think Everybody Deserves Healthcare, Who Steal Personal Credit and Profit For Collective Accomplishments, and Who Can't Win Elections Unless We Cheat," Declares New GOP Ad

The ad is premised on the aptly impoverished conceit that consumerism is enough to constitute political solidarity (actually nobody is surprised to hear that people in both political parties buy commodities from ubiquitous brands).

And needless to say, the proportion of people of color in this ad flabbergastingly fails to represent the proportion of people of color who identify with the Republican party in actual reality.

I'm posting the clip simply because I appreciate the real desperation it reveals, and because it pays to remember that if people of color and single women actually voted in higher than historical numbers this November Democrats could not only remain safely in charge of the Senate (and hence protect the courts from forced-pregnancy zealots) but actually regain the House of Representatives (and hence set the stage for  comprehensive immigration reform, commonsense gun safety legislation, and a jobs bill to address the ongoing unemployment crisis and invest in renewable energy and transportation infrastructure). Hell, if we were actually accomplishing such legacy-making good things at home, maybe our "Reluctant Warrior" would be too distracted to find yet another (six and counting, if you're keeping track) country to bomb at billions a month of the dollars we somehow don't have enough of to fund effective stimulative food security programs to our own suffering citizens.

So, yeah, here it is. For the record, I never doubted Republicans are people. I grew up surrounded by Republicans. To be a bad person, you have to be a person first. I guess there's some hope in that.

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