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Sunday, September 28, 2014


There is no question that my microblogging practice has reshaped my blogging here -- my writerly habits and commitments have changed. Of course, teaching is no less demanding than it ever was: For most of the first decade of the blog this often meant dry writing spells while I was crafting lectures or grading papers, while now it means instead days in a row in which a Wilde quote or a slightly enriched tweet is all I have the time (or inclination) to post. Superficial contact yields an ongoingness that keeps the blog livelier than those protracted inactive gulfs did, I guess, but contentedness with these light touches makes it too easy for me to put a blog on the shelf spiritually. I also do know of course that more pithy bloggers like Atrios are perfectly capable of doing critical, provocative, engaging work that manages in the aggregate to express a real voice in posts that cleave close to tweet-craft. Despite all that, I do think Amor Mundi has lost something lately.


Joseph Homer said...

I feel I'm not much of a qualified rhetor here, but I really value your blog and twitter posts and find that - in my (temporary and somewhat regrettable) relative distance from an academic environment and immersion in rural community work pursuits - I appreciate your comments and crave the theoretical challenges you put to your readers everyday. Moreover, I just can't find anywhere else what I find here. So please, keep on keepin' on!

Dale Carrico said...

I appreciate the sentiment. Fear not, this post was more about mustering the willpower to write longform posts again than about throwing in the towel. Good to hear from you.