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Friday, September 27, 2013

White House Obamacare Explainer

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Dale Carrico said...

This clip is providing very straightforward information about ways in which everyday consumers, some enormously precarious, can benefit from a program about which Republicans are devoting millions of dollars to misinform and terrify its beneficiaries. That is all this is. If you think any of the information in this explainer is false or egregiously deceptive you can try to say that here in the Moot, I suppose, but if you want to point out that single payer would be better, that there isn't even a public option in the ACA, that this reform preserves intact a for-profit system that is ultimately unsustainable I agree with you on all that but don't agree that any of that is what you need to be focusing on when what is urgently necessary at this moment is providing information to counter reactionary misinformation about the actually existing program. The fight to bring single payer online state by state (here in California, my home state, to mention one crucial example), to introduce a public option in future Congressional legislation, and/or to provide for early buy-in to Medicare as a way to lead from ACA to single payer are all fights worth having, fights I am eager to fight together with you. But piling on with Republican death-merchants to trash the Affordable Care Act is, to put it charitably, a questionable tactical move at a time like this.