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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tee Vee On In the Background

My article is done, it's been sent on its way at last, I'm more or less caught up with my teaching load for the first time in months. Presumably, blogging here and at the World Future Society will resume soon. Feeling oddly at loose ends. A few idle observations will reveal in a flash where I'm at. First, given how many thousands of Law and Order episodes there have to be out there at this point, it is hard to make sense of the fact that I am seeing the same episode a dozen times on half a dozen channels. Also, you know, you really do have to appreciate the strange integrity of the writers of Friends who, despite the implausibility of non-millionaires living in an apartment like that, did try to account for the curious prolonged singleness of their unusually attractive and successful protagonists by making them progressively crazier and more pathetic.


jimf said...

> A few idle observations will reveal in a flash where I'm at.

Dare I admit that I've spent the last few weeks watching the
contents of a huge coffin-shaped box of DVDs containing the
entire run of the soap opera "Dark Shadows"?

I started right at the beginning, and I'm up to October, 1967.
Barnabas has just put the bite on Carolyn, who is now spying
on Julia Hoffman, who is attempting to implant post-hypnotic
suggestions into Vicki Winters to enable her to resist Barnabas'
attempts to mold her into an image of Josette Collins.

I'm re-living my misspent youth.

(And I don't even have the excuse of just having completed
a scholarly article. ;-> )

Dale Carrico said...

I have been on the verge of buying that very DVD casket so many times, your comment has just pushed me over the edge.

jimf said...

Have you ever noticed that the characters **in** TV shows
never have time to **watch** TV.

There's no TV at Collinwood. (And as for Barnabas -- well,
he doesn't even have electricity at the Old House.)